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Install guide for RDS 2022 Quick Themes

This is a simple guide that explains how you install our Custom Themes quickly to reface your RD Web 2022 interfaces. However you will receive an install guide with all your theme downloads. Although this is same of the PDF guide you receive with your download, we recommend you to follow the PDF guide during your quick theme installation.

Installing Custom Theme for RD Web Access

Backup your default RD Web Access interface

This is a safe way so you can revert back your default RD Web Access in case of any issues during the custom theme installation.

Install your Custom Theme

That’s all; you are done with the installation. Open the browser, type your RD Web Access URL and see the new interface on your RD Web Access URL.

Installing Custom Theme for RD Web Client

Backup your default Web Client interface files

This is just to be safer so you can rollback in case of any issues.

Note:You mayn’t explore through windows explorer and go to content folder as top level folders on WebClient interface are protected. So just explore using IIS to WebClient content folder.
Install Custom Theme at WebClient

That’s all you are now done with the custom theme installation.

Important Notes and troubleshoot tips
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