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(AD Web) Active Directory Web is a web based AD management tool that let’s your administrator manage all Active Directory tasks such as User creation, Password Reset, Unlock users and more using a Web based interface. AD Web also works as a self-service portal for your users where they can manage their password, profile, Forgotten Password Reset and more.

Purposes why AD Web is built:

  • Reduce the need of opening Active Directory Domain controller servers.
  • Manage multiple Domain controllers at one place.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Providing restricted secure access tenants/clients to manage their own users, OU and groups.
  • Notify users by email for each action such as Password Reset, Unlocked users, Disable or enable users.
  • Easy way to use any domain as UPN (Ex:
  • Bulk user creation with simple import and export data with filters.

Self-Hosted Server:

AD Web is a self-hosted server application where you don’t need any web server infrastructure or database components to get it running. Installation is very simple that runs on windows, linux and any server-less cloud environment. AD Web can be directly accessed in with public URL and set behind a reverse proxy such as IIS, nginx or apache.

AD Web Features:

AD Web has everything you need to manage your regular tasks with Active Directory. These are some important features to highlight.

  • Manage multiple AD Domains
  • Manage Users
  • Easy way to Unlock users
  • Enable/Disable Users
  • Reset Password and notify by email.
  • Map user groups
  • Move from OU to another
  • Manage Groups and OUs
  • Intuitive search that allows to search with any field
  • Use UPN as Email
  • Import users in bulk
  • Export all your users, groups and OUs into an excel or csv
  • Password expiry notification
  • Forgotten password reset
  • Customizable Email templates
  • Use SMTP, Google OAuth or O365 OAuth
  • Role based Admin access
  • URL based portal branding so specific branded URL to your clients/departments

Lifetime updates:

AD Web is built with the commitment to keep improving the product with new features where all our updates will be available for all customers without any additional charges. Once you purchase you are under AD Web community and you are eligible to receive all updates.

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