Free Trial & Subscriptions

This is the best place to start with VetNvet PMS. Free trial allows you to explore our product for 15 days to make sure the PMS fits all your need. Once you are satisfied you can choose a plan based on your need and start subscription. The records you enter and test during your free trial will be retained when you convert your account to paid one.

How to enter into Free Trail?

  1. Go to
  1. Fill up the form.
  2. Make sure your details are accurate as this is the details will be used to create your base clinic and primary contact.
  3. You can change all these details at later stage but except your email id as that is the unique identifier of your account.
  4. Once filled up verify and submit.
  5. Now check your email where you must have received your confirmation email with account details to login to VetNvet PMS.
  6. You will also have links to download our mobile apps.

Features and restrictions of trial account

  • All features as same as paid versions
  • Restricted to Only one clinic, 2 Doctors and 1 assistant.
  • No WhatsApp credits but you can buy credit bundles if you want to test it extensively.
  • However no restriction with in-app messages or Emails.

What is In-App Message?

In-App message is a pioneer feature with VetNvet PMS which is enabled by default. This feature allows you to send messages to VetNvet client connect app. At one stage this feature will be helpful to avoid spending charges towards WhatsApp. (IE: when all your clients installed Client Connect App).

Trial notification and Conversion to Subscription

During your trial period you will always have a notification at top with the date of expiration. Once you have decided to subscribe, you can click on the link from notification which will lead to the Subscription page. You can also use the left menu called subscription to reach the same page. If your trial expired your account will go into inactive stage.

Inactive Stage and Grace period

Once your trial period ends and you haven’t subscribed to any plan then your account will be kept inactive. But you can still login for another 15 days where you can’t use any features of VetNvet PMS. This is the grace period in which you have chance to subscribe and become active. You will not use any data you have added during the trial period.
** Your account will be removed totally if you even miss your grace period.


You can switch to Standard or Enterprise plans based on number of branches you own. Both plans have monthly and annual renewal mode. Although it is recommended to use Auto-Renewal mode, you are flexible to use manual payments as well.

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